Our Services

Bangladesh Malaysia Study Centre Ltd (BMSCL) provides the following services to the students:

  • We make an individual assessment of every student whether the student is eligible for the course or not?
    • We guide students to choose the right courses and institutions which match their aims and career plans.
    • We confirm quick admissions in students’ desired foreign institutions.
    • We assist students throughout the visa application process.
    • We inform colleges and universities about flight details so that the colleges and Universities can pick up students from airport.
    • We provide pre-departure training of airport etiquette, Malaysia’s rules & regulations, culture basic bhasa Malaya, how to open bank account in Malaysia.
    • We assist students to get accommodation and air-ticket.
    • We help students out with opening bank files at home for fast and easy transfer of required money while they study abroad.
    • We assist students for study loans
    • We provide counseling for updated visa and immigration rules of the concerned countries.
    • We organize seminars and spot admissions with delegates from foreign institutions.
    • We provide free training on IELTS test for potential candidates.

Services to Partners:
As a reliable associate to our valued partner institutions, OAS is always committed to impart them better and satisfactory cooperation all the time. OAS constantly provides the following services for its partners:

  • We promote courses and features of all our affiliated institutions.
    • We carry out countrywide marketing and advertisements on behalf of foreign institutions.
    • We organize seminars and spot admissions at company premises ahead of intake times.
    • We promote our affiliated institutions through newspapers, internet, electronic media, e-flyers, posters, banners and all other effective ways.
    • We participate in domestic and foreign Education Fairs on half of our partner institutions.
    • We arrange accommodation in hotels, airports pick and drop service for foreign delegates to ensure their comfort on their trips to Bangladesh .

Application Process:
Even though the application process may not remain the same for all applicants due to their individual circumstances, the following is the common procedure for students who wish to apply for education abroad. Please contact BMSCL , Dhaka for the accurate process to apply for a student visa for MALAYSIA.

Student has to visit our office or fill up inquiry form about what course, student’s academic qualification, from which group, which year, whether the student got IELTS/TOEFL or not? Whether student got passport or not? How long the passport validity? When we get this information it is easy for us to do the counsel.

If our counselors think you are an eligible applicant, then they will contact you over phone/by email or fax for personal appointment, preferably with your parents or guardians to collect more information about your academic records and financial capability. They will advise you which country, course and university or college will be most congenial for you according to your profile and financial circumstances. They will present you a total view of the proposed country, course and institution and the relevant expenses. For any queries you are allowed to feel free to ask our counselors and they will give you the precise answer.

Once you have selected the country, course and institution of your choice, then our counselors will give you the course application form and assist you to fill it up and sign that. You are required to submit the following documents to our counselors:
• Copy of your passport.
• Copy of your educational certificates and transcripts
• Copy of IELTS/TOEFL result sheet (If required)
• Complete C.V
• 10 copies of recent PP size photograph.

Our counselors will ensure that your application is properly filled out and meets the entry criteria for the desired academic course, and forward it to the institution with a cover letter explaining your state of affairs. Our Counselors will keep in touch with the foreign college/university until a Confirmation of Offer letter is received and will forward it to you.

One of the requirements to get visa approvals from Malaysia that the student has to do the medical from any reputed medical centre. The HEALTH EXAMINATION FORM can be download from MOHE (Ministry of higher education Malaysia) website. Or each and every institute send the health examination form with Offer Letter. Or student can collect form from our office.

When the student’s visa is approved by MOHE and immigration Malaysia, Institutions of Malaysia courier the original copy to our address. After receiving the approval, we inform students to come and collect it from our office.

SPECIMEN of visa approval:


It may vary from country to country. Some countries ask for tuition fees before visa and some countries seek the amount after pre-visa. However, tuition fees are refundable in case of visa refusal. Our counselors will advise you regarding this issue in terms of your proposed country and institution. Our counselors will also explain how to pay the tuition fees in the safest way. This can be done by either sending a bank draft in favour of the institution, or through an electronic transfer to any assigned account, depending on the urgency. We will let you know all other major or minor details relevant to this matter.

Our counselors will assist you to complete the visa application form and submit your application to the desired country’s high commission or embassy in Bangladesh or India.

When your visa is granted, we will arrange for your accommodation, airport pick-up and other services which you may need according to the situational demands in a foreign country.

If your visa application is refused we will assist in seeking a refund for the tuition fees earlier paid to the related institution and refund any service fees in accordance with the Agreement with OAS .

If your visa application is refused, our company will assist you with the appeal process if the concerned high commission or embassy allows you to avail that provision.

Selection of country, course and institution
Most of the Bangladeshi students can’t easily figure out which country, course and institute they should choose. We can suggest you from our long experience that, the best country, course and institute are the ones that best suit your capabilities and requirements.
As a prospective student, we will focus on working with you to find the institution that offers the course closest to your particular needs and aspirations. Therefore, our counselors assess your needs through the Inquiry Form to get a clear concept of your ideal institution and course to pursue overseas. We will consider a number of aspects with you, which through our extensive experience in counseling and placing students overseas we have determined as vital factors in securing a student’s success. These points can be summarized as follows:
• Your academic performance to date.
• Your age
• Your English language proficiency
• The length of the course and the study time involved.
• Do you meet the institution’s entry requirements?
• Is the proposed course on equal terms with your career goals?
• Your purpose for studying abroad
• What tuition fees you are willing to pay (Generally top-ranking institutions charge higher fees.)
• Do you have the financial resources to cover both study and living expenses?
• Do you want a city or a country environment?
• Whether you have friends or relatives in that country
• Whether the program you want to enter is offered
• Whether they have vacancy for the subject/course you want to study
• Whether the course structure and related features best suit your interest and way of learning
• Availability of the type of accommodation you are seeking
• What type of climate you prefer to live in
After receiving your Inquiry Form, our counselors will offer a highly cordial and personalized service to assist you to find the best possible study option. They would be glad to assist you to make a proper decision on what is best for you. They can provide you with updated ideas and information on:
• Various academic tracks that can lead you to your study goals
• Possible study options accessible to you where you appear to meet the entry requirements, and the proposed course, college/university also matches your capability.
• Provide detailed information on costs, program structures, course outlines, duration etc to allow you to compare between programs and decide which suits you best
• Assist you to prepare your application for the maximum chance of a successful outcome
• Inform you about the relevant Student Visa issues

Student visa services:
We furnish all required details to complete your visa application for the highest probability of a successful end.
Bangladeshi students are required to obtain a student visa before commencing study in foreign institutes. Student visas can only be issued to applicants who intend to attend registered courses on a full-time basis, are of good character, have adequate means of financial support and can prove themselves to be authentic students.
Please note that, some countries’ high commissions or embassies are not located in Bangladesh like, Ireland , New Zealand , Finland etc. In that case you may have to apply from India . Most of the foreign missions ask for the following documents with visa application:
• Original Passport.
• Educational documents.
• Employment documents ( if required)
• Medical test report.
• Health Insurance.
• Police Clearance Certificate.
• Letter of acceptance from your proposed foreign institute.
• Statement of Purpose.
• Bio-Data.
• Evidence of fund to cover your educational and living expenses in your proposed country.
Please remember, submission of any false document or false information may cause your application to get rejected for your life time. Our counselors will guide you throughout the procedure for a faster, accurate and smooth student visa process.

Scholarship: We assist students who have excellent academic result help to find scholarship from various sources. We also help to find fund and project for those students study for research based for PhD and master program.

We have a list of Nationalized banks offering Bank Loans at reasonable rates. We also help you with the entire procedure, starting from application, to required documentation, eligibility criteria and selection of bank.

The GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS test scores are prerequisites for admission and financial aid to the specific universities and colleges. Universities in the United Kingdom , Australia , Canada , USA and other countries also recognize these tests. Performing well in these tests can crucial for admission in the universities, scholarships and visa. A difference of 150 extra points in these tests could result in affecting many decisions, for example financial aid may not be awarded scholarships in the form of Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship at a 2000 GRE school. We help you get application form for the examination, filling and submitting we also support training which will help you securing high scores.

We take care of booking flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts.
Pre-departure briefing:
This is our special feature of our company that makes us different with other consultancy firms in Bangladesh . We always give all out explanation about the University, and country’s rules and regulations that strictly followed by students. They must respect all the people there, respect the culture, value and beliefs. What should they do, what not to do…what is good, what is bad. We always ask them to seek advises from us and the person in charge for international students in that university.

Airport Pickup / Accommodation / Overseas Insurance :
We aim at Providing all-around service in the whole course, starting from the application for schools or universities and students’ visa to the arrangement of airport pick-up and accommodation at destinations and overseas insurance for the students who would like to seek their studies abroad .

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