The Best Student Consultancy Firm

We provide the best solutions for a higher study in Malaysia. We are eager to help you define your future.

Free assessment & counseling

We guide students to choose the right courses and institutions which match their aims and career plans. Moreover, we make an individual assessment of every student whether the student is eligible for the course or not.

Admission & Offer Letter

We apply for students accurately so that students can get admission & offer letter quickly most of the Universities we bring offer letters free of charge. We can get you the offer letter within 3 working days.

Visa Processing

Under the new visa system students can get visa approval within 2 weeks time. Ministry of education Malaysia and immigration department has started EMGS system to process complete process of visa approval.

Air Ticket

After a complete visa process we help students to purchase air ticket. We have a third party collaboraton who provides us air ticket with cheap rate as well as good discount.

Airport pick up & accommodation

Students can not get immigration clearance in the airport of Malasyia without university authorization. We do all the neccessary paper works for you.

Credit Transfer from Malaysia

If any student wish to transfer credit hours which they have completed from Malaysia to another country, we provide full support in this matter.